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ADR Lawn & Landscape

Where Your Lawn’s Care is Our Prime Concern!

At ADR Lawn and Landscape, we understand that a healthy, vibrant lawn is the cornerstone of any picturesque outdoor space. Introducing our dedicated Lawn Care Division, where lush greenery meets personalized attention, creating lawns that stand out in every season.

Your lawn is unique, and so are its needs. Our expert team customizes treatments based on your lawn’s specific requirements, ensuring a targeted approach that nurtures its health and vitality.

From spring awakening to winter dormancy, we’ve got every season covered. Our comprehensive seasonal treatments address issues specific to each time of year, ensuring your lawn remains in peak condition throughout.

Embrace the latest in lawn care innovation. Our team employs cutting-edge techniques, from precision mowing to advanced fertilization, to give your lawn the care it deserves.

Ready to elevate your lawn’s aesthetics and health? Schedule a consultation with our Lawn Care Division, and let’s embark on a journey to transform your lawn into a lush, vibrant masterpiece!

Soil Analysis and pH Balancing

Begin with a comprehensive soil analysis to understand your lawn’s unique needs, followed by targeted pH balancing for an optimal growing environment.

Seeding and Sodding Excellence

Whether starting a new or enhancing existing grass, our expert seeding and sodding techniques ensure a lush, green carpet that stands out in every season.

Precision Mowing and Edging

Our team employs precision mowing and edging practices to maintain an ideal grass height, promoting a manicured appearance and optimal growth.

Fertilization and Nutrient Enrichment

Implement a tailored fertilization plan to supply your lawn with essential nutrients, fostering robust growth, vibrant color, and overall health.

Weed Control & Prevention Mastery

Combat unwanted invaders with our strategic weed control measures, ensuring a weed-free lawn that allows your grass to thrive.

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Our Satisfied Customers

"ADR is one of the best companies I have ever done business with. The owner Andrew is so personable and caters to your every need! I can not say enough about him and his workers."

Laura Pilotte

Mattapoisett, MA

"Andrew and his team did an amazing job with a major fall cleanup! Can’t get over how efficient, courteous and professional the team was. Thank you - we’ll see you in the Spring!"

Luiza Burr

Marion, MA

"Always very professional. They do a great job for a reasonable price."

Kelcie Anacleto

Wareham, MA