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New Lawn Installation with Hydroseeding and Regrading

At ADR Lawn and Landscape, we recently completed an ambitious project involving the installation of a new lawn using hydroseeding techniques, coupled with extensive regrading of the property to optimize drainage and create a level, uniform surface. This project, located in Mattapoisett, exemplifies our commitment to excellence in landscape design and implementation.

Before beginning the hydroseeding process, our team conducted a thorough assessment of the property’s topography and soil composition. We identified areas with uneven terrain and poor drainage, recognizing the importance of addressing these issues to ensure the success of the new lawn installation. With precision and expertise, we embarked on the regrading phase of the project, sculpting the land to create a smooth, cohesive surface conducive to healthy turf growth.

Once the regrading was complete, we proceeded with the hydroseeding process, a cost-effective and efficient method of establishing lush, green lawns. Using a specialized slurry of grass seed, fertilizer, mulch, and water, we applied a uniform coating to the prepared soil surface, promoting rapid germination and robust turf development. This innovative approach to lawn installation not only accelerates the establishment of grass but also enhances soil moisture retention and reduces erosion, resulting in a more resilient and sustainable landscape.

Throughout the project, our team prioritized open communication and collaboration with the property owner to ensure their vision was realized. From initial planning to final execution, we remained dedicated to delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations. The result is a stunning new lawn that enhances the beauty and functionality of the property while reflecting our commitment to quality craftsmanship and environmental stewardship.

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